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    hdmi and hdcp error


      Error during set up. Please advise what to do.

      The set-tops hdmi port requires an hdcp - compatible tv input. Please switch to a compatible tv input or do not use the set-top's hdmi port. if your tv's input supports hdcp the hdmi cable may be at fault.


      I have no idea what this means?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          HDCP refers to an encyption technique employed by some HD devices to provide Digital Copy Protection.   Not all HDTVs come equipped to handle HDCP signals, and if your TV is not HDCP compliant, then you can not use HDMI (or DVI) cables with it to display the signal coming from a device that is using the HDCP signal encryption.   You would need to use instead component cables (which include 3 video (red-green-blue) cables and 2 audio (red-white) cables.   Or replace your HDTV with one of the new models that is HDCP compliant.

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            Have TW Cable and I use their SA Explorer 8300 HDC.After hooking this Splitter  up it works. I have been using it now for 2 weeks and no problems at all. I have HDMI hookups with out any of the HDCP problems.This is a 2 port out splitter,1 HDMI line goes to the in port from the Cablebox,and on the out ports (2 ports)1 line goes to TV and the other line goes to the sling box.And don't forget to switch over to HDMI connection in your SlingBox settingsThis is pertaining to the SlingBox 500 For $18.00 its a great deal.....