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    Slingbox not connecting or receiving video, possible solution


      I have had the same issue with my slingbox being found once I logged in, but getting an error about not being able to connect for viewing.  I tried a power on/off cycle on all my network equipment (slingbox, router, and cable modem). This did not help. My solution was to hit the reset button on the back of the slingbox and start the setup process over again.  During that re-setup, my slingbox downloaded some new firmware.  Once the re-setup was complete (took about 5 minutes), slingbox began working normal again.  I am not sure if it stopped working because it needed to be reset, or stopped because the firmware was outdated.  But in either case, slingbox now working. So, if any of you are having the same problem, try this solution, it MAY help.  If it does help, please post a reply here so I can see! Thanks....