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      Upon turning my slingbox on away for home I get a No video signal message. Does that mean my service is out at home????



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          Hi STAUBY38,


          It's necessary to check the cables that you have connected to the Slingbox at home to determine what the issue is and why you are getting no signal. Do you have a HDMI cable connected to the same cable box? If that's the case, have a look at this link,


          When I connect my set-top box to my TV with HDMI connections, I can't stream video at all using any version of SlingPlayer. Why?


          Hope this helps



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              One evening I suddenly had no TV --  Slingbox was out ,  flashing lights for BOTH  internet and power.

              I checked all connections, reset the slingbox, even did a complete reset of modem and router --

              but I had no signal passing to the tv.


              I disconnected slingbox and everything worked normally so I knew it wasn't my cable feed.

              My internet on computer use was perfect ...


              Even though I tried another supply with the same ratings, nothing fixed the problem until I get the OFFICIAL  Slingbox Solo power supply in the mail and tried that fix ---  PHEEEW -- it was either that or the circuits were friend -- caught a break for once!