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    Can't Find Service Provider


      I just received a message that my Slingbox Solo needs to be configured. Have had it for over two years.  One of the fields required is the Service Provider which should pop up after my Zip Code is entered.  I enter my Zip Code and the box below says "No Service Provider Found".  Can't continue the setu without it.

      Any suggestions?



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          I am currently having the same problem.  My remote was greyed out so I reset my slingbox and in the configuration I enter "cable box" and zip and it says no service providers available.  As a matter in fact any zip code I entered said the same thing.  I have verizon fios if that helps. This has been working fine for 2 years all of a sudden this happens.  Very annoying.

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            Having the same issue - Time Warner Cable in NYC.  Have tried various zip codes and doesn't find any providers.

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                I use Dish Network in NJ. Same thing! Tried many 07xxx and 08xxx zip codes - no provider found.

                Then I tried all boroughs in New York City - again, no provider found. Tried known zip codes in Boston - no good.


                How can I pass "3. Configure Video Sources" in Setup Assistent?


                (The Version of Setup Assistant is 2.0.191 read in the bottom of the window)

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                    alanrichey42 Master

                    As a temporary workaround I used "Other Controllable Device" instead of Cable/Satellite.  Then you don't get asked for a provider.  You won't get the program guide but at least you can complete the configuration.


                    This is why Sling were berated when Slingplayer 2.0 came out and relied totally on the Sling servers for operation.  Sling stated that there would never be a problem with the servers so we didn't need to worry

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                  having same issue in toronto

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                    in the meantime it is possible to setup the sling box service provider via setup on slingbox.com. I was able to set it up but was unable to find program guide. seems wherever an area code is required there is an issue.

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                      pmolson Newbie

                      Hi, Guys,


                      I don't want to create a new thread. I have excatly the same problem. I have a Slingbox Pro that has been working fine til today when I've tried to set-up the video sources...I hve tried several zip codes, but to no avail!!!

                      Is there a permanent fix for this?