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    Slingbox SOLO - Internet viewing problems on Cisco e1000 router


      I have had a Slingbox for over two years. About six months ago, my parents switched their router to a Cisco E1000, and I was still able to access my slingbox, through both the slingplayer and the internet, for about three months. Then, there was a power outage, and I was no able to access it at all.


      Now, 3 months later, I am at their house, and trying to fix it, but I am encountering serious problems.


      I did a factory reset of the box, and went through the connection process from scratch. I was able to get the slingbox connected to the computer, but I am unable to enable internet viewing. I enter the correct user name and password, and it says that it is incorrect. Then, when I try to manually connect, it does not offer my router as an option.


      I have tried to create a port forward through the web-based help page with Cisco, using both a port forward (5115), and verified through www.canyouseeme.org that the port which the slingbox is assigned to, 5115, is no longer being blocked. Yet, still, no connection is being made.


      I have looked at the portforward website which other similar posters were recommended to check out, and that offers no help, as is seems that my version of slingplayer is a newer one than the one featured there.



      All in all, I have had a terribly frustrating time trying to set up the remote viewing, and I have no idea where to proceed from here. I have a fairly decent idea as to what I am doing, and this SHOULD be working.


      thanks in advance for your much needed help!!!!


      - ptj

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          Hi Ptjarboe,


          It's necessary to check some settings on the router to find out why the Internet Viewing setup is not going through. I recommend to use the Network Setup Assistant to create the rule on the "first" router. Please note that use the term first, that's because it's necessary to check if the modem now has a public or a private IP address, in this last case, it will be necessary to create a rule on the modem but it will be for the router, not the Slingbox. Using the E1000, create the rule for TCP and UDP using the port 5001 or the one you preferred. If you use a different port, remember to change it manually during the Internet Viewing setup using Setup at slingbox.com. On the router's interface, access the tab status to check the Default Gateway IP, if that address starts with 10, 172 or 192; you will have to setup also the modem. Have a look at these links, they will help you with this configuration


          How to use the Slingbox Network Setup Assistant to help configure your router


          Help setting up Internet Viewing when you have multiple routers


          If the issue persists, I recommend you, to check with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) if your network has a static IP instead a Dynamic IP.


          Hope this helps. Let us know how that works