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    Web Slingplayer and external monitor issues


      I'm having a problem keeping the Web Slingplayer to stay in fullscreen on my external monitor.  Is there a way to keep the video playing in full-screen mode on a secondary external monitor?  I have Flash 10.3, so other flash videos do stay in fullscreen mode on my external monitor while I'm browsing the web on my primary monitor.


      I'm running using Safari and have Mac OSX Lion, and my Slingplayer's version is




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          I have been having the same problem since upgraded the sling player plugin to work with Lion. Sling are you reading these fourms? This is SUPER anoying! As a work around I have been using firefox, then using the pop out player, and then telling firefox to go full screen. This is not perfect but gets the job done. I use Safari as my main browser so I do this in firefox so the full screen mode does not effect my regular browser. Please fix this!



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              I totally agree. I for one have not liked their move to "browsers" from the player you previously installed (.dmg)


              To fix your problem install this: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/23189/slingplayer


              Then login and you will experience Sling how it should be "Browser free" and through a regular app. They won´t develop new versions of it and I hope people can vote for them to give us both: Browserplay when travelling / on other computers, and the old Mac app "up to date"..



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                  Thanks for the info (and sorry for the very late reply).  Although it's a great short-term fix, the software doesn't broadcast in HD, which kind of defetes the purpose of having a Slingbox HD.


                  It seems like the problem is in the SlingPlayer plugin itself and its inability to toggle fullscreen on an external monitor.  I remember a couple years ago, flash had the same exact problem, and they eventually got to fixing it.  Hopefully there's an update to the plugin soon.