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    Slingplayer app constantly disconnects and stalls after upgrading to OSX 10.7 Lion.




      I own two 17 Macbook Pro's a 2009 and a 2011 and just did a fresh install of OSX 10.7 Lion on new partition but have discovered Slingplayer Stalls and disconnects constantly.  All working flawlessley under 10.6.8 on the 2009 Macbook and although I do not think it is really a Slingplayer problem as I have a few other apps causing problems under 10.7.  If anyone else is seeing the same problem or better still is not having any issues under OSX 10.7 I would be grateful for any response.  I am connecting to a Slingbox classic and although probably on its last legs it works well enough for my needs.  Thank you in advance and look forward to assistance given.