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    Mac OS X Lion


      I've installed the latest Mac OS X Lion on my MacBook, and was forced to remove the SlingPlayer Plugin since it caused Kernel Panic's on my computer. Once I opened Safari, it would run for a few minutes, and then get a Kernel Panic, and the system was forced to shut down.

      Once I removed the SlingPlayer Plugin everything worked fine, and the system would run for hours with no issues with Safari active.


      Beaware that there are numerous other reasons for getting a Kernel Panic in Mac OS X Lion, such as 32 bit back ground processes such as database servers, (Postgre SQL, Apache2, ect) that are not fully compatiable with Lion, and could possibly cause Kernel Panics also.

      For users who want to use Lion, the best solution is to do a clean hard disk install, thus delete everything on the hard disk, and then do a Lion install. This prevents all the old legacy software from creating Kernel Panics.


      Hope this is hopeful to others using Lion.