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    Control only works sometimes...


      I have a slingbox pro HD setup in the US on a direcTV box.  From an overseas location, I can use slingbox to turn on the direcTV box and change channels only sometimes.  For instance, this morning at 9:30am, I turned on slingbox from the slingbox website and it worked perfectly fine.  I was able to change channels and do what I wanted.  However, now at 1:45pm, I can't do anything.  I can watch and hear what is already on, but I can't change the channels (The remote just won't work).  For several months, I couldn't control it at all.  Now, I can atleast control it sometimes.  However, it would be great to figure out the problem so that I can control it whenever I want.  Any suggestions?


      I've already tested the sensors using the digital camera test that is suggested in the help section of sling's website and they are all working correctly.  They are setup in the right location.  We've tested things that may be interferring with the signal, but can't come up with anything.  It would be understandable if it just didn't work at all, but for it to work for a few hours and then stop working, is really frustrating!

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          Hi, low_rider73


          I understand that you are having some issues with the Slingbox and the attached DVR, since you are not able to control it.

          As the first step, I recommend you to connect the Slingbox to a different TV source (cable box, satellite receiver or DVD player) in order to test its functionality. This test will allow you to verify if the issue is related to the Slingbox or to any setting on the DVR. Make sure to follow these indications and let us know how it works for you.



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              I was able to resolve the issue that I was having by going to the location where my Slingbox Pro was connected and using the internet viewing option while on the same network.  I'm not real sure why this resolved the issue, but it did.  I can now connect to my Slingbox Pro via internet viewing from an international location and I can control it perfectly all the time.