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    My sling box solo is extremely hot


      I am having this issue for a while andi it's getting worse. Now the machine will be as hot as a fried pan after streaming a couple of hours. Is it normal? Should I worry about it or is this there any solution?

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          having same problem. Connection light has also been blinking lately (internet keeps getting disconnected and I have to re-plug to reset). Wondering if the the device (about 3 years old) is breaking down.

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            Be very careful here.  I came home yesterday to find my slingbox smoking and the living room stinking like burnt electronics.  I bought it in June so BestBuy will credit me back...however...


            "We don't have any in stock now.  Sling is coming out with a replacement model so we can't get the current one you have/had"


            I'm not sure I'd want to replace it even if they did have one.  It was running a bit warm since the start but it never got hot enough to cook on..until yesterday.



            Sling?  Any word on the validity of "they are discontinuing due to 'issues'" comment the retailer gave me?