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    iPhone App "Video Out" in SQ mode PLEASE!!


      I have the iPhone 4, slingbox solo, apple video-out cables and use the slingplayer app on my iPhone to watch video through my in-car video system.  However this only works when I'm parked in my garage where I can get strong enough wifi signal to run the setup in HQ mode. As soon as I try to drive anywhere the signal reverts to SQ and I lose the video. (Since the video out feature of the slingplayer iPhone app requires HQ streaming in order to provide a video out stream.


      Couple notes:

      - I've already upgraded my iPhone to 4.3.4 so there's no way to do an untethered jailbreak in order to run the Cydia TVout app

      - AT&T just doesn't provide enough signal locally to provide HQ over 3G cellular

      - This is for video in a rear seat car system


      Developers PLEASE remove the HQ requirement.!!!  I don't need HQ to enjoy video on my in-car LCD monitors; SQ would be just fine. I've spent a ton of money to set all this up and this is the last thing that's holding up an otherwise great setup.


      Is this technically possible if you were to use Apple's native video out support like Netflix? The above setup works great with Netflix's iPhone video out feature while I drive around on 3G cellular.