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    Unable to watch/delete programs on my Dish Network DVR


      Hi, I hope this is clear.


      We hooked up the Slingbox AV to our 625 Dish Network DVR. I'm sitting right in front of the Television with my computer.

      I can watch acurrently taping show on the computer. I have a little slingbox video screen and an image of my dvr remote.

      When I use the image of the remote. It changes the television. Which while cool, isn't helpful. If I'm in chicago, I can't see my television at home so I would have no idea what it's doing.


      I'm also unable to access my DVR on the computer to look at saved recording or delete them.


      Again, if I click on the DVR button on the remote image, it goes right into the DVR on my television.But that won't be helpful when I'm not at home.


      Do I have some cords backwards or something?