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    Coax input - cable directly from wall - suddenly gets "weak or no video signal" error



      I've searched the forums but am not finding anyone with this specific issue.


      I have a Slingbox Pro (SB200-100) that is several years old and has worked flawlessly  up until now.  I have two inputs configured:  input from a ReplayTV using the IN1 Connections, and a coax cable connected to the ANT-In connection that runs straight from the cable outlet in the wall.  There is no converter box in the mix.


      On my last overseas trip, I suddenly started receiving "Weak or No Video Signal" when trying to watch the Coax input.  ReplayTV input is fine. Nothing had changed on the unit from the last time the input worked successfully.  I've swapped cables and jacks, have plugged each of the cables into an adjacent device to make sure that there is indeed a good signal, and nothing seems to work. When I plug the exact same connection from the cable outlet into a TV or my ReplayTV, it works just fine.  In fact, the exact same cable connection works fine when I'm passing the signal through my ReplayTV to my Sling (via the IN1 connections)


      I've run the setup twice to re-configure the ANT-In port, and I get a message that it's unable to detect any channels.


      I'm using Cox Cable, if that makes any kind of a difference.


      Anyone have thoughts on what could be going on?  This has got to be something simple, but I'm stumped.