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    2nd Set Up - can it still be done?


      Apologies for the really dumb question, but I last did a set up several months ago.


      I am set up with my SlingBox HD Pro to watch on my MacBook using SlingPlayer. It has become "sick" (unrelated problem creating an unstable internet connection) so I wanted to set up SlingPlayer on my MacBook Air. I logged onto Slingbox.com thinking I could easily download SlingPlayer and set it up to watch based on the settings I have on my MacBook (which I can still use).


      First problem: I can't find where I can download the SlingPlayer for my Macbook Air. However, near as I can tell, they don't want me to use it any more, so maybe the reason I can't find it is because Sling doesn't want me to use it.


      Second problem: Although my MacBook connects via SlingPlayer just fine, trying to log in on SlingBox.com to "watch" I get errors o'plenty because it fails to identify my ID, even though my e-mail address and password are accepted.


      I freely admit to not having used my SlingPlayer since mid April when I was last on the road. Has Sling stopped supporting SlingPlayer? How do I set up a second computer to access my SlingBox?


      And why is this so hard? I spent over an hour hunting around the SlingBox website trying to find out how to set up a second machine, and am SO confused I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do.