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    Android 2.3 problem


      I have a tablet pc (EM73_SIS_HY30_V2) with android 2.3 version. Slingplayer mobile doesn't work. I am waiting for a new version. Please support

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          Is there any work about android 2.3 version. I am waiting an answer from technical department of slingbox.

          Will Slingplayer work with 2.3 version ?

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            Hi keremfirat,


            We recommend you to provide further information (be as specific as possible) about the issues you are getting. This way, other forum users will be able to help you with accurate information.


            Were you able to install the application in your Tablet? What's the error that you are getting?


            SlingPlayer Mobile™ supports all Android mobile phones. Please read this article for more information on Android tablet support. This means that it could work but we cannot guarantee that. So if you give us more details we might be able to assist you



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                Thank you very much for your interest.

                My tablet pc is running on android 2.3.3 software. SlingPlayer is not guaranteed to work on the Tablet PC.

                I hope the new software version is 2.3.3 version is created supportive.

                Waiting for your support. I wish a good days.