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    Constant buffering


      Sling box constantly buffers on my iPad.


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          Me too! Help!!!

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            I suffer from the same buffering issues constantly.  Works fine on my computers etc. but on ipad2 it stutters like crazy.  How about offering some basic buffering settings in the app?

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                I have the feeling the slingbox is too powerful for the ipad2, i'm guessing it will eventually work better on the future ipads, like ipad3, ipad4 etc.

                I say that because when it's on HQ, it buffers every 3-4 seconds, when i switch it to SQ (standard quality), it works just fine. The internet doesn't change, so i can't blame it on the internet speed.


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                    I have the exact same problem with both my iPhone and iPad.  I have done speed tests for both the internet connection of where the sling box is connected and of my idevices.  It worked great until an app update earlier this year.  If I am using the wifi connection here at my house where the slingbox is, both of my iPhone and iPad2 work fine.  It is only when I am not home.  I can be using the fastest internet connection either wifi or 3g, it doesn't work.  If I am using a computer to stream the video, it works just fine.  The apps need to be updated to fix this issue.  I have gone through the process of checking the settings on both the slingbox and the router and everything is set as it should be.  The problem is only with my iphone and iPad2. 

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                        I'm having the same exact issue. Works perfectly on my computer with no stuttering, but is barely stable on my iOs devices. This is not a broadband issue.

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                            same here, i've monster internet speed, pro-hd works fine with pc, but with ipad work ok on sq mode but on hq mode freezes every 3-4 seconds, definitely a software issues. can this be fix asap? it bugging me for ages now.

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                                I am having the same issue as everyone above.  The thing is that the app worked for an entire year and is now starting to do this "buffer" issue.  I think it is an issue on Slingbox's part not all of ours.  If we've all checked our internet speeds and they were working perfectly before - it is not us - it is the app or them - they need to read these posts and realize they have a problem on their end.