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    Remote RG405 PVRS1 doesnt work PLEASE Help




      i have a slingbox solo and want to use a Reciever (Micro M100/2) with Remote RG405 PVRS1 , i dont find the Reciever in the setup from sling box software, then i tried to use the remote manger to create a custom remote which tooks a long while for each button on the remote , i tried to test the remote but only the 7 and 8 button works, what i can do right now ? I hope somebody can help me to create a remote for my reciever.

      on Amazon i found out that the remote is compatible for Comag PVR2 , Slivercrest Sl 80 , Digital M100/2 , Schweiger DSR 6281 and many more.

      Iam very kind for any help !