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    Cisco 8585DVB not available ... Can I convert a .bin to the .lrz format?




      I just bought a new PRO-HD and I have the same problem that the remote control of the Cisco 8485DVB is not available.

      I  tried the setup a new remote controller with remotes.slingbox.com. Now  my problem is that the box is never able to recognize the code when I  press a button of the remote control. (Of course I am pointing to the  box, at different location of the front panel, at different distances)  No way, I always get to the RETRY. What is wrong what can I do.


      On  the other hand I found a .bin file which is seems to be the one I am  looking for .. but the format is not recognized. Is there a way to  convert .bin to .lrz format ? (see attachment)


      Thanks for your help.