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    Unable to get Satellite Singnal via Direct TV Receiver or SlingBox HD Pro


      I have a SlingBox Pro HD and its worked fine for last 9 months.  I also have Direct TV connected to my SlingBox Pro HD.  After 9 months of flawless operation I'm no longer able to access the slingbox to watch my Direct TV programming, nor am I able to watch Direct TV directly on the TV the DirectTV Receiver and SlingBox Pro HD is connected to.  If i bypass the SlingBox witht he coaxial cable and go direct from the wall to the DirectTV receiver I'm able to watch DirectTV on the TV with no problem, however, when i reconnect the coaxial cable from the wall to the SlingBox, and then from the slingbox to the DirectTV Receiver, I'm unable to secure a signal and watch TV.  Suggestions?