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    Control SlingPlayer inside Windows Media Center


      I have recently moved overseas and I want to control my slingbox back in the us through my Windows Media Center PC (Windows 7 Ultimate).  Is there a plugin or addin/add-in for Windows Media Center that will allow me to use and control Slingplayer inside the WMC interface?  I am looking for something like the Netflix plugin available for WMC?  Is there something under production?


      I have scoured the web and not found anything.  In fact, I think this topic has been posted twice before and the Sling moderator keeps pointing people to the controlling Windows Media Center with the Slingbox.  I have that figured out already (I have my slingbox connected to an Xbox 360 working as a Media Center Extender).  What I am looking for here is the opposite: controlling the slingbox with the Window Media Center Extender.


      What would be helpful here is:

      1. An answer to this question....or

      2. People posting to the discussion with a similar request.  I figure if enough of us request this feature/plugin Sling may develop it.