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    Why won't Sling Player run after a Windows 7 upgrade


      I have a Sling Tuner which I have used on my computer at work with no problems. The computer was just updated to Windows 7 Enterprise. When I reinstalled Sling Player and launched nothing happens. No prompts, nothing. In Task Manager it does not show as a running Application, but does show in as a Process when I look in the Process tab. If I try to launch again it tells me I already have an instance running. I tried to watch through my browser and same result, nothing happens. It shows as loading but never completes. I have to close IE to escape as it freezes up other tabs. I am logged in and things work fine on my computer at home. Help?

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          Hi, JTags


          It seems that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer software on your Windows 7 computer.


          The fact the the SlingPlayer works fine on your home computer means that the issue is not related to your Slingbox, but your computer. Otherwise, you would get the same behavior on all of your computers. Since that is a work computer, the security software is something to take into account. I recommend you to remove the SlingPlayer software version and reinstall it one more time. Make sure to check this link.


          SlingPlayer for Windows

          Finally, keep in mind that the SlingPlayer software version is no longer supported, instead we recommend you to visit watch.slingbox.com