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    Who is accessing my slingbox?


      Hi everybody,


      I have a slingbox pro-hd, and have used it for a few years. I have let friends borrow it at times, and have changed the username afterwards. I have recently noticed that somebody is still logging in somehow, and am suspicious that somebody created their own username to log into my slingbox. Is there a way to see who has accessed my slingbox, or to restrict access to only certain users?




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          Hi MLAMOTHE,


          If someone else has access to your Slingbox, you need to change the admin password of the Slingbox and/or the Sling Account password. Have a look at these links,


          Yes, you can change the password for your Sling Account


          Restoring your Slingbox to factory settings


          Let us know how that works



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            There is an issue with Slingbox security.  I've been redirected to several other accounts when logging into my own account.  Check to see if this is an issue for you as well.  I've notified slingbox, but they dont acknowledge the issue, and instead ask me to buy a service contract.

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                I think that there is software issue rather then third parties connecting to your slingbox.  In my case,  I am 100% sure that nobody is using my slingbox, because I can connect to it with no issue through both Firefox Add-In and smartphone.  BUT when I use slingplayer, I get the message that somebody else is using the box and I need to re-enter my admin pwd....then the connection just drops....I haven't been able to use slingplayer with my Slingbox HD for the past 10 months...very frustrating.  It works fine with other slingbox solos, but not with HD..

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                    chakkarinen Apprentice

                    Since you can access your Slingbox correctly through the web browser interfaces, but not through the stand-alone Slingplayer application on your computer, I would suspect that the Slingplayer application has become corrupted somehow.


                    I've not experienced this problem myself, but if I did, I would try uninstalling the Slingplayer application completely (including any registry entries and files) by using free software such as Revo Unistaller with the "moderate" settings.


                    Then, I would reboot my computer, and run a free registry cleaner such as CCleaner, to be certain that any corrupted registry entries had been removed.   Then I would reboot again and install the Slingplayer application from scratch.   Then see if I could access my Slingboxes correctly with the Slingplayer application.

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                    I have had the same experiance today, when i log in i get redirected to another account, 2 times... so is definately someone hacking sling accounts