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    Request to the slingmedia team, please make some updates to the audio settings!


      Hi everyone


      Well, I really did not know whare to put this, as this relates to all slingbox models, and the slingboxes in generel. If I've posted this in a wrong forum, please tell me whare to put this in sted.


      I have been a happy owner of a slingbox for quite some time now, almost 3 years. In generel I am very satisfied with video quality etc, this has just been improving  as time has passed. however, I have always been a huge audio fanatic as well, and I really find it frustrating that the audio quality of the slingbox/slingplayer has not been improved at all cince the launch of the product. The highest audio bitrates that can be dilevered via the slingbox/slingplayer is 96 kbps!! This is really not satisfying when listening to alot of the many radio stations, which are often included in various tv-packages. When streaming in 96 kbps, the compression of the sound can easyly be herd, and to me this is very frustrating and definitely needs updating!! Now that we have this many video-options to choose from, we should be able to do the same when it comes to the audio quality! Please, slingmedia, do something about this soon!!


      all the best from Allan