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    Desktop vs Internet viewing

    clairebettag Newbie

      I understand that Slingbox will eventually go to all Internet viewing and that SlingMedia will eventually phase out the desktop program altogether. If that happens, please, give us the ability in the Internet viewing to position the video in the upper left hand or upper right hand corner of the screen. We have that option in the desktop program but not (so far as I can tell) in the Internet viewing. Please let me know if it is there and I'm just missing it.


      Right now on the Internet I can watch full screen or partial screen, but it's right smack in the middle of the screen. It is extremely handy to position the video in the corner of the screen (upper or lower) so I can do other things on the computer at the same time.


      Thank you.


      Claire Bettag

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          I agree. I just bought a slinbox this week, I don't like the internet viewing. Everytime I do something the window disappears and I have to minimize windows and find the player again. I found the link to the old desktop app for mac and have been using that. In my opinion it is far better than the internet viewer.

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            I have tried using the pop-up viewer but it will never connect with my slingbox.  I have to use Internet Explorer 32bit and can only connect with the main window - not the pop-up viewer!!


            I LOVED the desktop player but it won't connect now either!!