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    Update error



      Just got my new slingbox solo. While going through the setup the system says it needs to update the software on the slingbox.

      Gets to 99%, says restarting slingbox and then errors out saying "errore while updating firmware" .


      Already reset to factory settings, uninstalled software and reinstalled, still the same.


      any ideas please?

        • Re: Update error

          huh, no replys..........but still got issue resolved.

          called slingbox support line and they did it for me online.

          they were great, have to say.


          2 things to point out though.......



          the remote i have for my cable box is not the remote that works online with slingbox in the software, if you know what i mean??

          had to choose a different remote, that worked.......strange



          actually this is a question.......why did the update not work for me?? why did i have to call their support to have them do it??

          causes unneccessary stress in the first place.......


          Slingbox works great though, phew........well at least at home over internet........i'll see when i go abroad how it is then.