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    Sling player on IPod touch




      I am from India.

      I purchased and installed sling player on my IPod touch for $29.99.

      Application is installed.

      When I run it and login in with my login credentials, it asks me for


      - Slingbox Name

      - Admin Password

      - Slingbox ID connection?


      I have no idea about these.


      Do I know to buy a box as well?


      I thought I could view TV on IPod directly via wireless connection.


      Please advise on how to go further so that I can make use of it.


      My sling email login ID is jagminder.chugh@gmail.com


      Any help/advise is highly appreciated.




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          dbsguy Apprentice

          Let's start with the most basic question of all.

          Do you have a slingbox? (a Solo, Pro HD or any of the previous discontinued legacy models such as the Classic, Tuner, A/V or Pro)


          The slingbox application for the iPhone/iPod Touch is only functional if you already possess a slingbox and have it connected to a source device and a high speed internet connection at your hosting location.


          From what I gather from your post, you don't possess the required components I listed above.

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              1. So to make slingbox work on IPod touch, what do I need to purchase?

                  Please advise.


              2. What do you understand by source device ?

                  TV connection?


              3. Do I have an option to cancel my purchase on IPod touch and get my money back?

                  Please advise.


              Please advise.




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                  dbsguy Apprentice

                  Well from what you mentioned, you don't have a slingbox. You only puchased the iPhone/iPod Touch app that works for a customer that already owns a slingbox (which you don't currently have).


                  I'll answer your questions by numbering the answer the same as your questionas were numbered:


                  1. The following are required:

                  You would need to puchase either the Slingbox Solo or Slingbox Pro HD model. You can view both of their specs here:



                  The basic diferances between the 2 models are as follows:


                  • The Solo is meant for connection of "1" set-top box such as a cable box, satellite receiver, dvd player or the like.
                  • The Solo will stream content from the connected device to a computer both in network and remotely for free. In order to stream the slingbox to your iPod touch, you would need to purchase the iPhone/iPod Touch Application from itunes (which you have already done).
                  • The Solo streams in SD (Standard Definition).


                  Pro HD:

                  • The Pro HD model can be connected up to "4" sources. 3 of those sources can be set-top boxes such as a cable box, satellite receiver, dvd player, etc; while the additional connection is for the Slingbox Pro HD's internal tuner. the internal tuner is for connection of either ATSC digital OTA (over the air)HD channels, or QAM cable TV SD and HD channels stight from your cable company without the need for a cable box.
                  • The Pro HD Model can stream in HD resolutions upto 1080i


                  *The slingbox must be connected to a high speed internet connection to be able to stream the content remotely outside of your own network. (Basically you connect it to a unused ethernet port on your either by hardwiring it, use of a slinglink (powerline ethernet adapter or a wirless gaming bridge).


                  2. These would be considered "sources"s or "source devices":

                  Any set-top content box such a cable box, satellite receiver, dvd player, blu-ray player, dvr, game system, etc

                  If you have a cable service without a set-top cable tv boxor an antenna feed, then you would need a Pro HD unit; as the solo does NOT incoporate an internal tuner.


                  3. As far as "cancelling" your iTunes purchase of the slingbox app:

                  It is really upto Apple. Their policy states that apps purchased are non returnable; however they have made exceptions depending on the circumstance. The description of the app clearly states that a slingbox is required in order for the app to function. My advise to you if you decide to go this route is to contact apple directly to see what they can do to accomidate your particular sistuation.