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    EPG not working, only on iPad


      When I connect to my Slingbox Pro-HD from SlingPlayer 2.0 for  Windows, or from watch.slingbox.com, I get the full EPG for my Verizon  FiOS service.  Connecting from the iPad, looking at all channels, I get a  "No Favorite present." pop-up, then I see that All Channels only shows a  single channel and the DVR listings option.


      I reset  the Slingbox and reconfigured it, and I also uninstalled the iPad app  and reinstalled it.  No change.  Given that everything works fine with  Slingplayer online and the PC app, I am guessing it isn't a problem with  the EPG data for FiOS in our area, or with my Slingbox configuration.


      Any ideas aside from resetting the Slingbox and the iPad (again)?



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          Hi, sgravel


          It seems that you are having some issues with the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) on your iPad.


          The main issue is that the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is not available for the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPad. As stated on the web site "Quickly find the channels you want with a program guide that uses the iPad's familiar interface..." At this point, we do not know if the EPG will be implemented for the iPad.