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    weak or No video signal detected


      weak or No video signal detected .

      I start using slingbox 4 days ago ( i had it off for almost 2 months ) my slingbox is oversee.

      every day at the same time ( 4 PM california ) i am receiving slow upload and weak or No video signal detected .

      usually the next day it will work . but tody still stuck on weak or No video signal detected .

      I tried differente Slingplayer.

      Slingcatcher : stuck on  69Kbps

      PC Windows 7 : stuck 40Kbps

      Imac OS X LION: stuck on 60Kbps

      Iphone App Wifi and 3G:


      I have Time warner cable 15MB donwnload ( california )

      I have ADSL 400Kbps upload ( oversee) and its working  for SD quality.

      My slingbox and slingcatcher up to date.

      Do you think time warner cable slow slingbox streaming ?????

        • New way to block streaming

          AT 4:00 PM california time   i got the same message ( weak or no video signal detected )


          after rebooting my modem and router and pc . ( slingplayer ).


          i got new message There was a problem communicating with the slingbox try connecting again. ( looks like its a new plan to block streaming )


            • 0x92370001

              message error  0x92370001

                • Re: 0x92370001

                  Hi, 4Runner


                  I understand that you are having some issues with the Slingbox since it gets a video error message.


                  According to the provided information, your Slingbox is not being fed with the required connection speed, since it gets a 400kbps connection speed (as upload speed).


                  This connection speed is too low if you want to stream the video signal for the Slingbox PRO HD (it requires more than 600kbps for standard definition). The following link will provide you with all the information about the Slingbox PRO HD technical specifications.


                  Tech Specs for the Slingbox PRO HD


                  So, I recommend you contact your local ISP (at remote location) and ask them about any possible restriction.