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    Coax input not working




      If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it.  I have a Slingbox Pro that is connected to one device - a Comcast DTA digital adapter.  The coax cable comes from the wall into the DTA box, then gets split and one coax cable goes to the TV set, the other to the Slingbox.  The IR remote arms extend over the remote sensor on the DTA box to control it with the Slingbox (change channels, etc.).  Therefore, the TV and Slingbox always show the same thing, in theory.


      Recently, the Slingbox has stopped working.  The TV picture is still fully functional, the DTA box works, but the Slingbox shows "No Signal".  I tried taking the Coax cable that goes into the TV set (i.e. the one I know works) and connecting that to the slingbox.  Still did not work.  I tried connecting a DVD player using RCA cables, and this worked perfectly, so I can only assume that something is not working with the Coax input in the Slingbox.  However, I want to use the Slingbox to watch TV, not DVD's.  And as far as I can tell, there is no way to adapt the Coax output from the DTA box (this is the only type of output it has) to RCA or HDMI.


      Is there any way of fixing this problem?  Any help would be MOST appreciated!