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    Video freezes every few seconds since update to


      When watching programming from my SlingBox ProHD over the internet, the video freezes every 3-5 seconds for a second, sometimes longer. It makes programs almost impossible to watch. This seems to have started happening since the upgrade (?) to Web SlingPlayer This is with Firefox 5. Is anyone else experiencing this?


      I am unable to use the regular SlingPlayer for a comparison as it now refuses to connect to my SlingBox even though it was set up for internet viewing and working properly before I left home for a trip.


      I half suspect my home ISP (Comcast) might be playing their "network control" games but the apparent concidence of the arrival of the problem and of suggests otherwise.


      The problem is definitely not with the network on the viewing end. I am getting 35 - 50 Mbps download speeds. I have the same problem on WindowsXP and Windows 7.