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    Please help, Blinking Network Light


      Hi - I can't get my Slingbox ProHD to work.  I am using the Slinglink Bridge with the 4 port switch.   This is what I have done so far with no success:


      • I have connected everything by the manuals (slingbox to cable box, bridge to the router and 4 port switch to the slingbox) and the network light keeps blinking.  I have reset the slingbox, verizon modem, I have unplugged/turned off everything and turned them back on the in the correct order. 


      • The next thing I did was take the Slingbox and plug in directly into the modem.  Network light was solid and I was able to get an IP address and ping the box.  So it seems nothing is work with the slingbox I don't think. 


      • Next I plugged in the bridge to the modem and I was able to get an IP address and ping the bridge.  So that looked good


      • Next I plugged in the bridge, connected the slingbox to the 4 port switch and put them all in the same electrical outlet (used an extension cord not a power strip or surge protector.  Network light starts blinking again.  Does not get an IP address.  I also reset everything and still no good. 


      Does anyone have any suggestions?


      Can someone help me?