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    Speed issues with HDS-600RS

    sodoff Newbie

      Ok, I am giving this a second go ... I have this installed in the UK.


      Connecting from USA.


      Speeds are TERRIBLE.


      I am connecting to it using Slingplayer Version 1.5.1 and it works, sort of ... getting a top speed of 300.  Useless.


      I then tried downloading SlingPlayer; told this box is not supported by this player!


      Then I try the web site and use that player and get a whopping 2megs, but very jumpy picture. As if a few frames are sent, then freeze, then resume, then freeze with a frequency of about 1 second each.


      I then try the SlingCatcher ... and I get a good stream rate but the same jittery picture.


      In addition, the on screen Guide is illegible.  You simply cannot ready any of it.  It is so fuzzy.


      I cannot believe, given what I am seeing, that Sling has sold any and have had the sales stick!


      Clearly I am doing something wrong.  Firmware upgrade or something.





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          Hi sodof,


          From what I can see, the HDS-600RS is only supported when using watch.slingbox.com - I think you got lucky with it connecting with 1.5.x as this is super old and maybe Sling did not go back to block this receiver from connecting as they did with 2.0.x


          I've been streaming from various International locations (US included) fine, but I've a home 1MB upload speed so I'm not sure if you have a higher upload which might be showing up something that I am not seeing.


          Maybe if you can provide some more details as to your setup we can find out where the issue might be.


          I'm thinking along the lines of:


          1) Does the stream work fine on the LAN?

          2) Whats the upload speed from the receivers location?

          3) Whats the download speed from the US

          4) Have you tried http://www.speedtest.net/ and also http://pingtest.net/ at both ends to see if the speed and quality of connections are looking good?


          Maybe the answers from one of the above might let you know if anything stands out as odd.


          Let me know how you get on.




          P.S. You said at the start "Ok, I am giving this a second go .." - Were you having any other problems?

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              sodoff Newbie

              Upload speed from the UK is well over 5 megs.


              Download here in US is about 25 megs (yeah, right) as advertised but a speedtest.net shows 5 megs to the UK.


              And my stream rate on the Catcher screen shows 2 megs.


              I am not in the Uk so cannot test on the LAN.


              To cripple this box to only allow the web site is ridiculous. Does it work on mobile devices?  Doesn't really matter as the text on screen illegible anyway.


              The only benefit to this box seemed to be the ease of installation and the ability to (in concept) to provide a postal code so you get somewhat regional progammes.





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                  5mb up in the UK - nice!!! BT Infinity or Virgin?

                  Sounds like the US speed is also a little odd - how was the pingtest rating - A, B, C etc....


                  Shame you can't test the LAN or local setup. I think that could tell us alot.


                  It has been a long time since the desktop applications have received an update so I think they are commiting to the web as their medium of choice. I guess it allows them to be more agnostic on the platform, maybe share coding efforts and ensure a customer has the latest and greatest by version quality and features.


                  Have you checked the Catcher settings to see if you are upping the video quality settings? I do that and it helps alot!!


                  As for mobiles, it works great on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 both inside and outside the house. I also had a friend connect using his Andoid handset and it worked a treat also.


                  As for the User Interface. I think this is very much a "subjective" area, but I can see/agree with some of your comments. i.e. The setup is super slick! Post code, click, click, DONE! I was impressed with that!! I was expecting to have to do more.


                  As for the main UI, I have noticed that since version 1.0 of the software (they have had 5 updates since April) there has been some tweaking to fonts, text, working and spacing which has helped when watching on a computer and my mobile.


                  I think Echostar Europe are "listening" and really working hard to not simply release a product and walk away; but to update regularly based upon feedback from the all important key adopters like ourselves.


                  They even put in some new features on the most recent release to date - 119R.

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                      sodoff Newbie

                      Virgin ... BT are total, well, you know.  It is in my office, not residential ... so I am "cheating".


                      I don't see how a LAN test would offer any input if I know I am geeting a Catcher stream rate of 1.7megs.


                      How do I upgrade the firmware remotely? Know which one I am using? Can I?


                      Haven't touched the Catcher settings.


                      I get a headache too soon from the jittery video!


                      Hope they are listening and fast as the gadget, as is, is not marketable, not from what I am seeing.


                      I'd be happy to send you my finderid if I knew how to contact you directly but feel it very inappropriate to post my email address here in public.  If you have access to it ...

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                          sodoff Newbie

                          How do I update my firmware remotely?


                          If I cannot, then I am going to return this.



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                              Hi sodoff,


                              Not sure how we can get to be in direct contact - maybe add me as a friend and then I might be able to email you directly.


                              When you say update firmware remotely, what are you referring to?


                              The HDS-600RS can be updated via over the air (satellite) or manually when checking the software updates section of the settings. The latest version of software is 119R, this ensures you have the latest software across the receiver.


                              I did manage to perform a remote update whilst away from home using SlingPlayer and navigating into the Stettings Menu.


                              It worked well, but the most recent update 119R was a forced download so it just happened when I went to check the version.

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                                  sodoff Newbie

                                  I am lost ... just connected with SPlayer and connected ... tried to upgrade the firmware ... told it would take over an hour ... so I thought .. what the heck ... but then asked to browse for a file.  Huh?


                                  Cannot update til end of Aug when back.


                                  Information screen says version 1.0.31 .. is that correct?