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    Brand new Slingbox


      Everything works great but the TV is green. All the other devices are in perfect color but the original tv cables that plugged into the cable box now are plugged into the sling box out display a green picture. The Red/blue/green cables are plugged in correctly and no picture is displayed if they are swapped. If I plug them back into the cable box it is all good.


      I am guessing that the out port on the sling box is messed up.


      Finding a support email or calling the support group is not working. I am not finding phone hours and/or an email.

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          it could be that the slingbox output is messed up (in which case you'd need to exchange it for another; however check the following FIRST.


          Make sure both the input and the output component cables are connected correctly on both the slingbox and the devicve as well as the TV. One cross connection (such as red to blue could be causing the problem. It could also be a bad component video cable set. I suggest swapping the cable set(s) before fing out that was the issue with yet another slingbox.