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    Slingbox and Manual Encoding settings




      I am newbie in slingbox stuff. I have 8mbps / 768kbps (download / upload speeds) connection. Can you specify me which manual settings to use for a smooth picture?


      I use optimised settings but the quality is not very good. Usually streaming bitrate is around 420-500kbps.


      Here is what I get when I press alt-shift-I



      Average bitrate (Kbps)                                  488

      Presentation Time                                        1:19

      Codec Type: Video                                       WMV

      Codec Type: Audio                                       WMA

      Stream Type                                                TCP

      Device ConnectionCaps                                 15



      Video Bitrate (Kbps)                                       405

      Video Width                                                  320

      Video Height                                                 240

      Output Aspect Ratio                                      Automatic

      Stream frame rate (Fps)                                 25

      Render frame rate (fps)                                 24.91

      I Frame interval (secs)                                   1.96

      Frames skipped                                             0

      Video Renderer                                             VMR-9 (Direct 3D)

      Video Decoder GUID                                     { 94… }

      Video Decoder Name                                    WMVideo Decoder DMO



      Audio Bitrate (Kbps)                                       34


      Also, If I set manually at 500 and 640x480 I get some freezes and it is very annoying. However picture quality improves a lot.


      I believe that I don't use the maximum upload speed that I can use. How can I increase my upload speed?


      Thank you

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          First thing to do is verify exactly how much upload speed your actually getting forom your ISP (now what they say your getting). Do this by runing a speed test here:



          Secondly, your using a slingbox pro and not the current slingbox pro "HD" box wich using a totally different engine and codec You'll get much better results with the pro "HD" model.


          Lastely how do you have your slingbox connected to your router? (ethernet cable, powerline adapter, wireless game bridge). an ether net cable would be the ideal senario. If thats the case your router may be the limiting factor effecting the overall preformance.

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              Accorrding to speedtest.net,


              I have upload speeds 600-700kbps (I tested more than once and I got various results)

              As for download speed is approximately 5Mbps


              I just bought Slingbox pro so I am not thinking about replacing it with pro HD.


              My slingbox is connected through an ethernet cable with the router.


              Anything else that I can alter for better video quality?

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                  dbsguy Apprentice

                  600-700 with varying results as you put it is your bottom line issue. The varience in fluctuation directly effects the picture quality. 768 is the bare recommended minimum.


                  Also, you said you just purchased the slingbox pro. I assume you bought it used, as it has been discontinued for some time now. You know that is is no longer a supported product right? I'd return it if that's still even an option for you.