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    Will DishNetwork's Sling Adapter work with a SlingCatcher?


      I would like ot know if a DishNetwork's Sling Adapter will work with a Sling Catcher?  We are looking to set up a sling adapter on a dish Network box and set up a sling catcher on a tv in our vacation home quite a few hundred miles away.  This seems to be the most low cost solution for us as we are only in our vacation home 1-2 months out of the year and hate the contracts and fees associated with getting some programming in our second home.  We were sent a sling adapter not to long ago and it works great with our PC but we would like to have it on our main tv in our second home without hooking up our laptop to our tv...quality goes to **** this way.  We would like to use the hdmi output on the sling catcher to this tv as we already have a few extras.  Also would a sling catcher pic up additional slingboxes?  For example, my wife's parents often come to the US from Japan and would like to watch Japanese news however there are no current offerings of Japanese television programs in our area.  Would we be able to buy a slingbox pro hd and send it to Japan for my wife's parents to hook up on their TV so that a sling catcher could pick it up in our vacation home?...would we be able to do the same for a second sling catcher in our main home?...We have alot of ideas however, we do not want to lock ourselves in another 2 year contract at $60 a month with possibly an additional $25 for international programming a month (said it was coming soon).  We just want to watch what we are already paying for in our main home with the possibility of watching Japanese TV when our parents visit.  Too bad you couldn't sling internet as well....