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    Infra Red Remote Code is missing?!


      I bought my SlingBox Pro HD in US in Janurary and starting to use when I got back to HK in Feb. It works great for a month and then suddenly it said my SlingBox Pro HD is not designed for HK and grey out the originally supported NowTV remote.


      Then my home is under renovation and then I was out of HK for couple months. I finally had the chance to deal with the missing IR Remote again. Like last time, when I select the region to Hong Kong, it said this device is not supported in this area (WAIT?? Slingbox Pro HD is now available in HK too, well maybe mine is from US) and then I tried to set the region to US. It then said this device is not supported in this area too (that's new)??!!


      I am now trying to manually add the remote code but it keeps saying invalid code. Care to tell me where I place the IR Remote code?