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    Remote (DirecTV) all of a sudden not working - Help ?


      I have a DirecTV DVR (HR23) that is not in the list of supported devices.  I have a Slingbox Pro as well.  Using the video source setup utility the closest listed is the HR22...so I use that to get a DirecTV remote.  After years of working fine, all of a sudden my remote is not functioning.  It's showing up (the standard DirecTV remote) and I can click on buttons but get no response from the device to change channels, power down, nothing works.  I checked and rechecked the IR sensors on the DVR, the cord from the sensors to the Slingbox Pro, all looks just fine. Further, I have another TV with another DVR in another room (Classic Slingbox) and it's working fine.  It's as if all of a sudden the sensors or the plug into the Pro are bad.....any recommendations for help welcomed.


      Tks - Brian


      (email steckler@nps.edu is OK)