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    Setting up Slingbox Pro-HD to Verizon Fios (Motorola router)...




      I've got my Slingbox Pro HD hooked up directly to my router, but the network light keeps blinking. The internet is fine as I am getting it in other parts of the house. The ethernet cable I'm using is also fine because I've tested on other devices.


      I've tried resetting the Slingbox, resetting the router, unplugging and re-plugging both in, etc. No matter what, the network light is still blinking.


      Please help!

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          One more thing (don't know if this affects it at all). My router is downstairs connected to my SlingBox. My computer is upstairs, using a wireless USB adaptor to pick the internet up from the router downstairs.

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              chakkarinen Apprentice

              Where the computer is relative to the router (and the slingbox) should not be an issue.   It sounds like you do have the router connected to the slingbox with an ethernet cable, which is good.   You might try logging in to your router via your computer, and see if the router's list of connected devices shows the slingbox.


              I have found the best, and most consistent, success with keeping my slingbox connected to the internet by programming my router to assign a static IP address to my slingbox.   For example, if the login IP address for your router is, then program your router to assign the static IP address to your router.    On my router, I enter the MAC address for the slingbox (listed on the shipping box and also on a label on the bottom of the slingbox), in a menu box on the router for assigning static IP address   --- instructions on how to assign static IP addresses vary from router to router, so check the user manual for your router or one of its help windows when you are logged in to it.


              After assigning the static IP address, I then forward port 5001 on my router to that static IP address.   Then reboot both the router and the slingbox, and when they have fully restarted, I find the connections are working as expected and advertised.