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    Do i need slinglink?


      I am interested in buying a sling Solo to connect to my sky HD box. My router is in another room of the house and we already have a wireless bridge set up to another room (not the tv room) it has a speed of 200mbps. I could also connect the router to the sling box with an extension wire (as i can put it under a carpet). I would like the best quality streaming as cheaply as possible.


      Should i get a slinglink, an extension cord, or another bridge?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          The best method is always to hardwire something as in this case with a longer ethernet cable. This will give the fastest speeds yielding the best experience. This wil also be the cheapest route in terms of a solution as well.


          A slinglink or wireless gaming adapter/bridge are meant for areas that are inaccessible and not capable of being wired easily or not at all. These methods do work under certin circumstances; but again not as well, fast, or reliable as a hardwired line.