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    Slingbox Pro HD / Apple Extreme Base Station / Virgin 100Mb Broadband


      Hi all,


      I recently purchased a Slingbox Pro HD box, it's connected to my Sky HD box and fed back to the Apple Base Station via Ethernet cable.


      I used the airport utility to reserve it the IP - and opened the port 5001.


      Everything seems to work fine,  I watched Sky Sports News via my mac in the office...playback hovered around  4000+ kbps.


      All pretty good....But I have to say, Slingbox seems to be the most unreliable piece of hardware I've ever purchased. Sometimes it works as described above, sometimes it doesn't work at all.


      This morning for instance, ever time i attempt to view i receive the error: "There's a problem communicating with your Slingbox. Make sure your Slingbox is connected to the Internet. Do you want to retry? [Code:W200]"


      No settings or hardware have been changed so what's going on??


      Is Slingbox highly unreliable or is there something wrong with my setup?


      I'd really appreciate any help you guys can provide.