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    Cablebox Turns OFF No TV Signal on SlingBox


      Occasionally the cablebox I have my slingbox attached to will turn off not allowing remote viewing on my PC. The other two cableboxes in the house are not affected.

      I would be watching TV (on my PC away from home) using the slingbox, go to bed & in the morning cannot access any channels. Checking at home the slingbox cablebox is turned off, the other two boxes in the house are both turned ON.

      I will call and have someone go to my house and turn on the cablebox thus allowing remote viewing.

      Does anyone know how to avoid slingbox from "turning OFF the cablebox" ?

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          dispencer Novice

          I do not know why your cable box is turning off of its own free will.  However, my virtual remote (using Slingplayer for PC) has a power button and I can turn the cable box on or off remotely.  In fact, I make a point of turning it off when I am not viewing.  I suggest you check your virtual remote to see if it has a power button: if it does, then you do not need to ask someone at home to power the cable box on for you.


          You could also swap cable boxes to see if the problem persists with a different cable box.