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    Broadcasting composite video from a camera


      A very basic question. I have a camera with a composite video feed. If I buy a Slingbox Solo can I connect this to the Slingbox and view the output from the camera on an iPhone connected on the same local network (and also remotely via the internet) ?

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          Hi, tdenson


          As I understand, you want to know if you can connect the Slingbox SOLO to a video/security camera and stream to the iPhone Mobile application.


          As a matter of fact, you can. You only need to hook up the Slingbox SOLO to your video/security camera. Then, you will run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing. Finally, you'll need to purchase the SlingPlayer Mobile application in order to get the remote connection from your iPhone Mobile device.

          The following links will provide you with some information that might help you.


          Connections on Slingbox SOLO


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