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    Buying Mobile App for Android & iOS


      I just purchased a slingbox solo and I am intrerested in paying for the mobile app. My only issue is I have a mixture of iOS and Android devices I will want to use as clients. Since only one can be used at one time I see no reason I should not be able to get both when I purchase one or the other. I know there are mannual ways to add access to the app through market to my say Android account if I choose to buy the iOS version but it is something slign would need to do mannually.


      Asking me to pay twice for mobile access would be unresaonable.


      For that matter there is something to be said for being able to buy a liscense from the sling website and then having a "free" version of the app to download that only starts when logged into a paid mobile enabled account.


      Please get back to me! I will unbox my sling in the morning and if I can't get this resolved I am not sure I will keep it past the 30 day return window.

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          I think it is also worth noting I am very interested in using Sling for Google TV when it comes out for my Sony Google TV and would not expect to pay yet another fee in order to use it, certainly not more than the exsisitng mobile fee. 

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              Hi, firemandan9


              I understand that you have some questions about the Mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices and the option to use one application among them.


              The main issue is that these applications were developed according to their standards (Google and Apple). This means that it is not possible to transfer the Mobile application between different platforms. The following link will provide you with further information about this specific situation.


              Can I move SlingPlayer Mobile from one handheld to another?


              Finally, keep in mind that every Mobile application is sold on their markets (Android Market Place and App Store). Regarding your last question, we will not pronounce about unreleased products and the policies or restrictions that might apply, since we do not handle this information.