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    AT&T U-Verse at Slingbox A/V


      I am in the process of acquiring ATT U-Verse for HDTD, replacing DISH.  However, the ATT sales people do not know the brand or model number of the receiver I shall be given.  Neither do the Tech Support people.  I am concerned that because there have been no software or firmware updates for the Slingbox A/V that I just might discover that the AT&T U-Verse receiver/remote shall NOT be supported by the Slingbox A/V software.


      Does anybody have any recent experience with this issue????  It's a big deal to me because I am out of the country so much.  I don't really want to switch from DISH, but I am having vandalism problems against where DISH decided to place the pole and the dish itself.  I'm getting sick of hooligans trashing the DISH....it is just so exposed.


      Any assistance from members or even SlingBox staff themselves would be very helpful and I am counting on you all!!



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          I am a Uverse installer, and also have the A/V unit. I cannot find any support to get the two services to work together. I left Directv because the tv service is much better and more reliable, but when I changed I lost the ability to watch and control any of my boxes with the Slingbox. The usual boxes are Scientific Atlanta IPN330HD boxes except for the DVR unit.Hope this helps.

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              Thanks for the input.  It appears that which section of the U.S.A. you are in determines which receiver is in use.  The one's being used where I am are either the Motorola  VIP 1216; VIP 1225; VIP 2250 or the Cisco IPN 430; IPN 4320; ISB 7500.


              With respect to the Motorola units.....I am advised via a tech such as yourself who does the install in this area that Motorola's all use the same remote....that the model number is merely a reflection of the hard drive size of the DVR.:  160gig; 225gig; 250gig.  According to the Slingbox support site, the Motorola receiver is listed so I best be getting a Motorola receiver....which is what the tech said I would be.....he was doing an install next door to my house and permitted me to look at the equipment.  He advised me that the CISCO receivers are not in use in my town....but are 40 miles to my West.  What a headache.


              Thanks for taking the time to reply and I'll post IF and WHEN I get U-Verse and it's compatability with the Slingbox A/V....or it's LACK of compatability.

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                  I am having difficulty setting up the remote for my slingbox proHD.  We recently changed from Cox cable to U-Verse and the A/V source is a Motorola VIP 2250.  However, in my networks I see Cisco_33CDF4AE also listed.  I noticed in the questions/responses something about Cisco.  Is this relevant to my problem?