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    Menu key for FiOS box QIP6416-2


      Hi all,


      I recently moved from TWC to FiOS...so far things seem to be working well with a few minor bugs her and there.  I searched around and did not see any direct answers to the following...(I could have missed it!!)  Computer set up is working 99%, it's the iPad ap that is the issue.


      Current Set Up:


      Sling HD Motorola QIP6416-2 HD/DVR - This is the whole house DVR so the Sling Box is not hooked direct to it but I can access it no problem so I am using this remote for the set up.


      Motorola QIP71002 - This is the box I hook direct into with my Sling - No listing for this box in set up


      Current Issues -


      iPad 2 remote does not have a "Menu" button for the Motorola box so when the box has been off for a bit or receives an update and it restarts you have to hit menu...there is none so I end up looking at the "Please hit menu to watch TV"   How do I get a menu key functionality?  All other inputs work fine.


      The FiOS Channel guide will not load on the iPad...I get a EPC No Data error.  In looking around on the forums I think I am just out of luck until they get a fix.  Funny once and awhile I get channel 163...Fit TV (is my iPad trying to tell me something!! LOL) I get the full channel guide on the desktop just not on the remote side. I have reset and re setup the systems at least three times trying to correct the issues but no luck. 


      Thanks.....any ideas would be great!


      I want to give a big call out to Sling, I have had my box for years and have watched it in about15 different countries, my job takes me all over the world.  Its great to get a pice of home when sitting in a hotel room 7,000 miles away!!

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          Hi sfg-eros,


          It seems to be an issue with the configuration of the Setup at slingbox.com, I recommend to run the setup using the computer one more time and confirm that you have selected the DVR option instead the cable box or satellite receiver. Then using your iPad, under MISC, you will be able to get the Menu button. Let us know how that works.