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    Video Feed Not working HDMI Issue?


      I just got a slingbox pro hd.  I have a newer samsung led tv with an HDMI cable connect to my cable company HD box.  I have all the slingbox cables going from the cable hd box to the slingbox.  I did have to buy the slinglink turbo as my router is not anywhere close to this tv. 

      Everything was recognized and my cable box was in the list.  I just am not getting any feed.  I got the message about the HDMI cable being a problem while setting up.  My issue is I don't know how I would connect my TV if not via HDMI.  I have no cable connections on the tv just HDMI. 


      Does any one have a suggestion.  I would like not to buy another product like the HD connector unless absolutely required. 



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          Hi Michi5446,


          If you have no video when you have the HDMI cable connected from the cable box to the TV, probably, the HDCP restriction on the HDMI port is blocking the HD signal, have a look at this link,


          When I connect my set-top box to my TV with HDMI connections, I can't stream video at all using any version of SlingPlayer. Why?


          Hope this helps



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            alanrichey42 Master

            Does the Slingbox video appear when you disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV ?    If so then it is HDCP that is disabling it.   If not then you have another problem.


            If you have only HDMI inputs on your TV then I am not sure there is a solution.  We normally recommend using the component output instead of HDMI.

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              dbsguy Apprentice

              It's a restriction of your cable companies box; NOT the slingbox.


              1. Disconnect the HDMI cable

              2. connect your cable box to your slingbox pro HD's component video and audio inputs with component video and audio cables.

              3. Use an another set of component video and audio cables from the component video/audio passthru output connections ports of the slingbox to the TV's component video and audio jack panel connections.

              4. Turn the TV to the matching component video input and you should be good to go.


              I have NEVER seen an HD TV that doesn't incoporate at least 1 set of HD component a/v inputs; and I sell and install them for a living. What is most likely the case is that the samsung TV your using has a scart adapter cable you need to plug in in order to have the desired component video jacks such as this:


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                  Thanks for all the support.  I have been successful in getting the slingbox to work.  But I can only get it to work now when in my own home.  When I am outside the house it is not getting feed and I get an error message There was an error connecting to your slingbox.  Do you want to try again.


                  Have tried to reestablish multiple times with no luck.  Why would I get feed no problem at home and anywhere else get nothing?


                  Thoughts.  Thanks in advance