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    Directv SWM


      I just upgraded to the Directv SWM whole home system.  The new Directv boxes (H25-500) do not have two sets of red,white,yellow outputs so I can not link my slingbox AV anymore.  There are HDMI and A/V out outlets on the new Directv box, but only S-type and Red,White,Yellow on the slingbox.  Is there a work around to this?

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          Hi, slingthllp


          I understand that you are having some issues in order to connect the Direct TV-H25 to your Slingbox AV, due to the lack of outputs on the Direct TV boxes.


          In this case, there are two options. First, get a replacement for the Direct TV and get a supported model. You can use the following link in order to use the included widget.


          Finding your video source


          Your second option is to upgrade to the Slingbox SOLO or the Slingbox PRO HD. The following link will allow you to take advantage of the Slingbox Upgrade Program.


          Slingbox Upgrade Program (US)


          Finally, the following link will allow you to get all the information about the Slingbox SOLO and Slingbox PRO HD.


          Slingbox SOLO Overview


          Slingbox PRO-HD Overview