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    Slingplayer for ipad -> airplay support please

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      It's a real pitty that the Slingplayer for ipad doesn't fully support airplay.


      Currently it's only possible to airplay slingplayer sound from the ipad towards appletv ... would be nice to have it properly implemented so that also image streaming is supported

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          Agreed. I have an Apple TV in my bedroom but no TV point so would like the ability to use the ipad to watch TV on the Apple TV using the Slingplayer app.

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              I would also like full support. Or have direct support on the Apple TV.

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                  Doubt there will ever be full support on the Apple TV itself unless Apple opens the device to install applications.  However I agree that the iOS applications should be updated to properly support AirPlay.  Currently when I use AirPlay there are huge black bars on the top and bottom, IE the aspect is compeltely off.  However when I use other applications, such as the Plex iOS app, I get crisp full HD content streaming to my Apple TV.  The platform supports this, therefore it wouldnt really be a huge development effort for sling to get with it.  From reading around the forums this is a highly requested "fix".


                  Its interesting to note that we're not talking about AirPlay mirroring because its NOT the same thing.  The benefits are far greater if AirPlay is properly supported within the slingplayer application!