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    Slingbox/Slingcatcher/wireless router all in different rooms


      I have never used Sling products before so I need a bit of assistance in figuring out how to hook everything up.

      I have a Slingbox PRO-HD that I will be hooking up to a cable box in a room without wired internet access. There is a good wireless signal in this room. I have a wireless modem in a second room and in the 3rd room I will have a slingcatcher hooked up to a TV, there also is no wired internet in this room, only wireless as in the 1st room.

      Can I use a wireless bridge on the Slingbox and another wireless bridge on the Slingcatcher?

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          Hi, gchelak


          I understand that you want to know if you can use a wireless connection in order to connect the Slingbox and SlingCatcher to your home network.


          As a matter of fact, you can use either the SlingLinks or a wireless bridge if the Slingbox and the Sling SlingCatcher are not near to your router. The following link will provide you with further information about the SlingLinks and how they work.


          SlingLink TURBO


          If you get a wireless bridge, you'll need to follow the user guide instructions in order to know how to set it up.