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    Non slingbox owner with a question before buying.


      Hey guys.



      I'm looking to get a slingbox pretty soon and just have some general questions.  I'm sure the answers are somewhere within the websites, but i'm honestly not that great at technical stuff and figuring out if I have the equipment to make it work.  I'm really hoping someone here can help me so I can become a slingbox bretheren, lol.




      Anyway, here is what i'm dealing with.  I have a Vizio 42" tv at the house, appx 2 years old, multiple A/V input/output jacks and an HDMI input/output(it's an HDTV but our cable companies HD channels are spotty at best for some reason, which is why I don't necessarily need the Slingbox HD).  My cable is regular cable(local channels and then like MTV, VH1, ESPN, Discover, Disney, etc) from CableOne.  I don't have a sattelite box/dish, DirecTv, or anything like that.  Just a cable line that comes up from the floor and screws directly into the tv to pick up.  I do have a PS3 hooked up to it if that makes a difference at all.  Also, my router is in a different room than the TV i'm hoping to hook up to the slingbox although the router is fairly powerful and kicks signal back to my room pretty well.



      Basically I wanted to know what some of the slingbox veterans thought I should do.  Will the Slingbox Solo work for my set up?  Do I need the SlingLink?  I tried to be as descriptive as possible about my set up.  If you need any more answers about my products to determine what I need, please ask.


      Thanks in advance